Introduction to Artist Anne Whitehurst


Originally born and raised in Los Banos, California, Anne depicts the local color and flavor of the town’s agricultural essence. One of many examples is the painting of the famous basque restaurant, Woolgrowers.  In the last few years, Anne painted a 3d series entitled, “The Spirit of Los Banos.”  Use of vivid color and raised textures create impactful and sometimes disturbing images of small hometown life.

Anne’s paintings of rural life portray the teeming life and beauty of the countryside.  Influenced by her many years of living in Mexico, her art lends an emotional perspective and depth to each work of art.

A musician for many years, she loves to create and compose music. Fortune also bestowed her with musical talent and a gifted voice, although art is her passion.  Much of her artwork is influenced by music as in her paintings of instruments and musicians.

Multi-talented, Anne has a signature series of paintings entitled, “Veritas,” utilizing her natural ability to reverse write and express the truth that flows through her into her art. Veritas, meaning truth, integrity, and dignity, represents the values Anne lives her life by – as her art is her expression of “the truth”.


Murals are Anne’s passions.  Commissioned by many businesses, Anne has painted murals throughout the Central Valley as well as create murals painted by children.

We invite you to explore the rest of the website since this introduction is very limited.  See Anne’s art collections and read about her extensive experience.  Thank you for visiting with us.